ShoeDazzle: Every Woman’s Dream In A Shoe Subscription Service

People might look at Kim Kardashian as one of those celebrities who's famous for doing absolutely nothing, other than having a scandalous tape leaked to the media to launch her career and a little bit of junk in her trunk; but recently, she's actually made women's (no, I didn't mean men's) dreams come true with an amazing shoe subscription service called ShoeDazzle.

ShoeDazzle dishes out all of the designer accessories that every woman dreams of, with some of the most beautiful shoes out there, and all for a low monthly subscription fee. It may sound too good to be true, but ShoeDazzle really does make women's dreams come true by sending them a pair of shoes every month for $39.99 from brands like Lamb, Dolce and Gabana and more. Plus, to top it all off, they also offer a personal stylist service included under the subscription; suggesting 5 shoes from which you can choose 1 every month based on your personal style, your favorite style icons, and the designers that you love to wear.

With an innovative fashion company like this one, Kim Kardashian proves that she's got more going for her than a pretty face (not that what's the men noticed on her anyways..)!

Jul 24, 2009
by Anonymous

ShoeDazzle is a GREAT business. My girlfriend gets shoes from them every month. However, the shoes aren't Dolce & Gabana or LAMB. ShoeDazzle offers similar, high quality styles from Michael Antonio and other brands. The high end brands are mentioned in the site's fashion survey to give ShoeDazzle a sense of what type of looks the member likes.