Small Businesses Are Better Positioned This Cyber Monday With Innovative Site

For those shoppers in the know, Black Fridays have literally become a moving target each Small Businesses Postiioned Well This Cyber MondaySmall Businesses Postiioned Well This Cyber Mondayand every year. From big box stores opening earlier and earlier the day after Thanksgiving, this year Wal-Mart is said to be one of the first to turn the event into a five-day extravaganza. Promotionally coined “the New Black Friday,” starting Thanksgiving Day (if you can believe it) at 6 P.M., it will run through the following Monday.

Take a load off, go Cyber. . .

However, for those shopaholics who rather purchase under less stressful conditions. . . say, in the quiet solitude of their home or office, this year there are a lot of small business eRetailers powered by Shopify’s software that are open for business with attractive discount deals on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday has been a game changer since 2005, when the term was first coined to explain the huge boost in online sales that happen that first day people go back to work after their Thanksgiving holiday.  For small business operators, it’s an opportunity to literally make money when the sun shines.

And, you don’t have to be a Big Box Store. . .

The Shopify platform offers a full gamut of services for the small business owner to manage all aspects of their shops. From uploading their products, customizing the website’s design, to setting up credit card purchasing, in addition to allowing merchants to view incoming orders and complete transactions in real-time, owners no longer have to be concerned with the technical aspects of running and maintaining an online commercial operation.

Small Business, Big Features. . .

When Brennan Loh, head of business development for Shopify was interviewed recently, he Brennan LohBrennan Lohstressed the innovative small business focus of his company. 

“We looked at eCommerce through the lens of a small business: how do you simply launch an online store and get up and running and selling easily? So we started from a little coffee shop in Ottawa, and today it’s scaled into a leader in the space with over 120,000 stores in 150 countries,” noted Loh.

The Numbers are in your favor. . . 

Reports indicate that an online presence for Cyber Monday increases with each succeeding year. While 92 million people shopped on Black Friday in 2013, there was a total of 131 million people  who shopped Cyber Monday. And this trend is expected to continue to grow exponentially this year.

As an added bonus, the discounts keep getting better. Stores last year offering 40% on Black Friday had 50% off on Cyber Monday. This is due to the fact that since online stores are not tied to ad-scans, they can shift merchandise and offer greater reductions throughout the day.

As far as total revenues, the stats are impressive as well. Last year the average shopper spent approximately $310 Black Friday, but a whopping $470 on Cyber Monday, according to an AOL Survey.

Credit Card Payments

Small business owners know that offering credit card options is a strong motivator for online shoppers. According to Seeking Alpha, a study conducted by Dun and Bradstreet discovered that consumers are likely to spend 12 to 18 percent more per purchase when using a credit card. Plus, card payments are incredibly simple and convenient for customers online.

When searching for card readers in today’s marketplace, looking for a device that can offer mobile credit card processing is best, as they can provide your business with a level of flexibility a conventional reader can’t hope to match. Plus, mobile card readers like those offered by Shopify are less expensive than most others.

Shopify this Cyber Monday. . .

If you have an online store already built, or are contemplating to produce your own online presence, you might want to think about using Shopify to get a jump on this holiday shopping season.

With Shopify, you will have everything you need to provide you with confidence to capitalize on these seasonal sales. There are substantial opportunities available during this time of the year, where you can stand out, build your brand, and return a significant ROI. Cyber Monday literally comes once a year, so act now, so you’re not left out in that proverbial cold.