Shopping Bag Speakers

For those that consider ear buds too limiting for their shopping excursions, consider annoying other customers around the mall with these shopping-bag-inspired iPod docking speakers. While the bags won't provide much room for all those great clearance sale finds, they will dock your iPod and pump out music for your enjoyment, and the dismay of everyone else.

The Japanese wooden speakers are the collective work of an audio manufacturer  and Shizuoka furniture manufacturer and are hand bent for a unique, stunning look. They come in the two individual colors displayed above. On the audio end, the speakers are 30 Watts, so don't expect to hang them on your wall and replace your stereo/home theater fronts. The speaker bags feature a 3.5mm jack for connection. They weigh just over three pounds. 

While the speakers certainly look dashing, when you roll up on the price--31,500 yen or around $336-- they're really pretty expensive for a low-end speaker set in a wooden bag. More of a novelty than an audio device, but if you have the extra scratch, they're certainly a unique addition to your digital music equipment collection. 

E-Select via Dvice 

Nov 21, 2009
by Anonymous

good idea

dont get me wrong but dont they look a little bit wierd, they are definetly something i would buy but they look just a little bit strange?