Shorter Hop - Qantas Gets You Through The Airport Fast

People who fly regularly must sometimes find stockpiles of boarding passes in their coats and bags. Whether you print them out online or get yours at the airport, they're a necessary and sometime tedious part of travel - especially when you've got a bunch of connecting flights. Then you might find yourself standing awkardly at the front of the boarding line, desperately shuffling a deck of boarding passes in the hope that you'll draw the Ace of Spades - or at least the right flight.

But not if you're in Australia. And you fly Qantas. And you're a Frequent Flyer. And you're on a domestic flight.

That's because Qantas have been phasing in their Next Generation Check-In since the middle of last year. They've incorporated a chip into their Frequent Flyer membership cards, and that chip will do everything from checking you in to getting you into the Qantas Club to being your boarding pass. It also acts as ID at Kiosks and Bag Drops.

That's one card you don't want to lose.

Q Bag TagQ Bag TagAnd your flights could get even smoother if you decide to fork over 50 bucks for a Q Bag Tag. Then you'll never need to deal with those pesky destination tags again. Just attach this to your bag, and it'll get your bag from A to B to Q and back again.

Embedded with RFID technology, the Q Bag Tag syncs with your boarding pass (or Frequent Flyer membership card) while not storing any personal details. If you want them there though, you're welcome to write your contact info (like, with a real pen) in the space so thoughtfully provided.

And the best thing is, because you're travelling on an Australian domestic flight, you won't even have to take your shoes off or worry about taking a bottle of water onboard. Heck, if you're at the right airport, you won't even be screened!

If only it was always this easy to get on a plane. Just look how much fun this guy is having:

May 20, 2011
by Anonymous

How soon till the US does this?

& will Qantas do this for US airports???

Must for these days, Huge demand for world fliers etc.