The Shot Carver Turns Fruit Into Amazing Shot Glasses


Next time you are hosting a big party you may want to give this gadget a try.  The Shot Carver turns ordinary fruit into amazing shot glasses.  The tool carves out the perfect hole to hold a shot of alcohol.  Fruits like apples, pears and peaches are recommended, as long as they are firm so that they will hold up to the carving (and possibly a full night of shots).



You could be pretty creative with your combinations.  A green apple shot glass filled with butterscotch and sour apple schnapps would make a great caramel apple shot.  Amaretto served up in a peach would also be fantastic!  A pear shot glass filled with cranberry vodka would make a festive drink.  You could maybe even sugar the tops of the pears before pouring the shots to give them an even more celebratory look.  Any way you display these unique glasses though, they are sure to be a hit.  Plus, they will add to the decor and can be either eaten or composted at the end of the night.



The Shot Carver can also be used to make a hole in larger fruit like a melon or pineapple.  The hole should be just the right size to hold the top of a bottle of alcohol.  The alcohol will slowly infuse the fruit, which can later be sliced up and served or just dug into, depending on the type of party you are throwing.   (See Shot Carver)


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