Shotgun Belt Buckles

Continuing my search for the perfect Father's Day gift, I thought I would take a look at belt buckles.

Belt buckles are standard accessories that almost all of us use.

I am sure that like me you would agree that there is only so much innovation that can go into creating a belt buckle.

But I was proved wrong by the belt buckles designed and manufactured by Albert Mardaga under the name L'A Mardaga.

Here is what makes belt buckles by Mardaga so innovative and fashionably stylish. Albert Mardaga reinvented the belt buckle using a mechanism similar to the opening of a shotgun action.

The buckle breaks open like the hinge of a double-barrel shotgun does at the place where you load the bullets and a lever moves left or right to unlock the hinge. The belt buckle has the same basic style.

Another really cool and innovative feature is that instead of having to unbuckle your belt after taking in a heavy meal, a quick press on the button in the doll's-head extension on the end of the barrels allows the belt to lengthen.

Says the designer, "I have been in the sporting gun business since 1974 and have always been fascinated by the technical and artistic prowess of those involved in this noble art. My thirty years of experience has taught me what it is that both amateurs and collectors in this field find most interesting. It is not just the actual firing of the guns; it is also the quality of the gunsmithing, which can be as fine as watch and other clock making skills.

While wearing the L'A Mardaga belt buckle, the firearms enthusiast can now have a constant reminder of this art. The building of these belt buckles is carried on in the Belgian gun-making tradition and overseen by a Master Gunsmith at the famous Ecole d'Armurerie de Liege. The fine engraved work is also carried out by Belgian Master Engravers who have world reputations and who work for famous gun-makers such as Holland & Holland and Purdey's."

Adding uniqueness to the belts, the creator says that each belt can be personalized for each client by means of special engraving, the use of precious metals and individualized colour-hardened processes. The belts are interchangeable for either formal or sports wear and the belt buckles can be personalized for either sex. Albert says, "it was very important for me to design an object that woman will find both practical and beautiful."

Anyone desirous of owning one of these masterpieces has a choice of six leathers; elephant, alligator, ostrich, crocodile, lizard and buffalo; seven engraving styles and six styles of the oak and leather box.


I don't like guns, but would love to lay my hands on one of these, just because they are so beautiful, innovative and stylish.