Should You Even Ask if Your Plant is Psychic? Great Idea?

The Psychic Seeds Entertaining Growth System also known as Patent#US 6799762 dates back to 2004 and is a surefire and light-hearted way to insure that the seedlings in your garden will grow and be well because you can ask them how they feel every step along the way.


Patent#US 6799762 also known as the Psychic Seeds Entertaining Growth System is actually an ecological crystal ball of sorts. It claims it can predict the future growth of a seedling by permitting the user to ask the seed if it will grow in the hole provided in the fertile soil. There is no room for a discourse here; a simple “yes” or “no” will do, but this gives the seedling the feeling that it has at least some control over its own destiny.

The Psychic Seeds Entertaining Growth System incorporates the growth of a seedling within its design and creates an entertaining, interesting and unique device that allows the would-be gardener to ask a question and receive an answer from the seedling through labeled holes in the specially designed lid, which is known as the mysterious Lid Indica. Simply put, the invention is comprised of a small pot, potting soil, some water, a seed and a lid for the pot. The lid fits over the pot and has two holes labeled “yes” and “no” which are large enough for a seedling to grow through.

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If nothing else, the Psychic Seeds Entertaining Growth System can be a lot of fun on a boring afternoon when all the seeds you planted won’t even give you the time of day!


Via WikiPatents