Should You Sue Via Board Game?: Great Idea?

The Lawsuit Board Game considered by some in the legal know to be merely Patent# US 6805351, is an interesting educational game that boldly introduces kids to the realities of our litigious society. Based on the premise that “Law and Order” and those “judge shows” that abound in television land may be sufficient legal exposure for adult minds, this game embraces the thinking processes of children by teaching them different legal terms like the very hazy “emotional distress.”


The Lawsuit Board Game starts out as any other; namely with a board that has spaces upon which the players land. When a player lands on a space, he or she is instructed to either initiate a simulated lawsuit or to act as a legal representative. A fund of money is provided and a random generator determines the movements of the players. Lawsuit cards are also a part of this game, each one revealing a fact and a monetary result. There are also appeal cards to juice up the tension.

Board games have always been a source of creativity and inspiration for inventors. Consider “Leave The Board Behind: Scrabble Goes Online Under Another Name” and “Board Game Offers Fun Coupled With Safety Tips".

The Lawsuit Board Game definitely has its merits as an educational game for children albeit they might grow up to be like that woman who sued MacDonald’s because the coffee was too hot.


Via Patent Storm