Show Your Employer The Economy Is Putting Your On Edge With A Funny, Yet Morbid Fashion Statement

With the state of the economy, employers can bring a little humor to the workplace to show that ImageImagethey're feeling on the edge using a less than professional fashion statement. Not recommended for wear in those offices where superiors don't know how to loosen their ties and have a laugh, this morbid necktie is a fashion accessory to die for.

Kill ‘em with laughter or kill your career with this funny, morbid necktie that makes a bold fashion statement. The ironic, morbid neckwear is an accessory best suited for office parties as an ice breaking conversation starter after you and your co-workers have loosened your ties over a few drinks.

May 4, 2009
by Anonymous

since you mentions ties

perhaps mention different tiepins as well?
like those that attaches to the shirt (locks it to the shirt) and the tie and you can pull up the tie so it wont get stuck in something.

May 16, 2009
by Anonymous

Must wear tie for

Dealng with Union Reps.
& have Union name & # on tie visible.
Bad employers?
Non justified.

Id love to see LAUSD teachers & workers have such ties on hand.

OR issue to TEA events & denote tie as US Govt with some liberal on tie & rope.

See Taxed Enough Already groups, pending July 4th.

From my experience, one gets laidoff OR fired & the Unions rake in the dough & dont care about U Mr & Mrs Blue, white collar worker.

Thus the tie at Union meetings, on site, & for during strikes, walk outs.

Love the color Red.

Sell this tie at TEA events nationwide alone for PR.

Give one to Obama?