Show Off Your Invention At The Invention & New Product Exposition, This June!

There’s still plenty of time to register a booth to showcase your latest invention at the 2013 INPEX, as you’ll definitely want to impress the various product manufacturing giants who will be combing the event for superstar innovations…

The Invention & New Product Exposition, or INPEX, is America’s largest trade show, which focuses exclusively on brand new inventions. Anyone with an invention is welcome and encouraged to exhibit their creation at the show, and people from around the world migrate to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania every year to get in on the action.

Outside of unveiling your invention to the masses and networking with others in your chosen field, perhaps the largest draw for inventors to invest their time in attending INPEX is the potential to have your invention or product scouted by companies who are searching for the next brilliant ideas and goods for their cutting-edge product lines.

Some of the talent and creativity scouters that will actively search through INPEX for the best of the best include representatives from SkyMall, Rubbermaid, Elmer’s Products, Irwin Tools, the Kraft Foods Group among many others.

If you’ve been looking for a fantastic way to get you and your invention out there to both the general public, potential investors and marketing partners, click here to learn about how to secure a spot on the show floor. INPEX opens the doors of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from June 19th through the 21st, so you’d better contact the InventHelp crew to secure your place at INPEX ASAP!

Source: INPEX