Show Off Your Social Media Connections With MashedIn

As the world becomes more and more engrained in social media networks, it can be a little confusing keeping track of who you're connected to and who's just a randomly added friend.  By connecting your social networks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, this web app aims to provide you with a simple embeddable widget that will let your readers know how they know you.

Creating your widget is as easy as loading MashedIn and then allowing the application access to your various social media accounts.  You can add Twitter and Facebook pretty easily, and the LinkedIn application connection requires a simple login.  After that, you're pretty much done.

You'll be able to view your profile (or widget, as the case may be), and the site auto-generates a link and embed code so you can share your information.  There's also a button for sharing on a myriad of other social networking sites.  The whole process is pretty smooth and easy.

In the end though, I wish MashedIn had a little more functionality than just creating a tiny widget.  With the type of information they integrate into that widget, they could just as easily create an account or page where you could examine your social media connections, or even search for other ones that you might not know about.  It's still a pretty useful widget, though.  So, go make one for yourself, and let us know how you used MashedIn in the comments.

Mar 10, 2010
by Anonymous


Thank, Austin. There's a lot of technology under the hood to bring together the different social maps. In the coming weeks, you'll see different widget formats and recommendation functionality. Thanks again, we really appreciate the mention.