Showcasing The Best Of The 2013 International Home + Housewares Show

Although the 2013 International Home + Housewares Show has come and gone, the convention’s 2,000+ exibitors from 35 nations left us with a massive hoard of innovative goodies. While there’s no way that I’d be able to share everything that was presented in Chicago’s ultimate new product party, but here are a few especially cool things that caught my eye at this year’s event:

Casual Dining Collection by Enrico

Enrico’s colorful bowls, serving platters, and other dining essentials are as easy on the eye as they are on the earth. Their vibrant eco-intelligent kitchenware utilizes sustainable sources, such as hard bamboo, acacia, and mango trees that are past their prime.

Winbot by Ecovacs


The breakaway winner of the Household + Home Environment Electrics category of the show, Ecovacs’ Winbot the robot was exclusively designed to clean windows. You know that we’re coming close to living in a “Star Wars” sort of world when we have a robot that you can turn on and place on a window to do all of the dirty work.

Pooch Power System by Pet Power Products

While picking up your furry friend’s poo is almost tolerable with one of those giant robot claw poop-scoops, and removing it by hand through an inverted plastic bag is embarrassing (and nasty!), this power tool makes this task much less crappy. I know so many people who would appreciate one of these…

Supoon by Dreamfarm

An ingenious utensil used to dig out the remaining bits of food from containers that just can’t be reached with traditional spoons. Think of all that food that you’ve tossed out that you couldn’t get! Well, unless the raccoons have Suppons, I don’t think that they’re getting the last of the jam jar that I tossed out yesterday…

K-9 Kannon by Hyper Pet

The K-9 Kannon is perfect for getting the attention of dogs and daydreaming co-workers alike. It gets bonus points in my book for being bazooka-shaped. There just aren’t enough bazookas on the market these days…

The Entire Collection from Red Cup Living

Affordable and fun, those plastic party cups meet fine dining with this series of themed durable plastic cups. My favorite is the Red Cup Mug, because it makes every morning a party! Whoo!

Social Pops by Zoku


Sure, Zoku’s been around for a few years while teaching us how to make cute and tasty ice pops, but OMG! With the popularity of social media websites, I can see these disappearing before you can make an “I Can Has Zoku” meme. #LOL

Cookina Cooking Sheets by Cookina


If you’ve made as many batches of fries, cookies and other baked treats as I have, you’ve complained that rolls of tinfoil and baking sheets just don’t go as far as you’d like them to. I’m thrilled to see Cookina’s easily re-usable and washable surface surfaces as a long-term money saving alternative to buying sheet after sheet of parchment paper and tinfoil. With some advertising, Cookina could put “Big Tinfoil” out of business!

It’s not too early to get excited for 2014’s International Home + Housewares Show, is it? Don’t worry, I’m sure that we’ll remind you before next March for next year’s show! 

Source: International Housewares Association