This Shower Seat Stayed In School!

I am perpetually in search of a good looking, sturdy shower seat for my stall shower. In the interim, I've been buying cheap plastic benches that are merchandised as summer side tables for patios.  Yes, they're tacky, and unsteady, and get moldy fast.  But how is a babe supposed to shave her legs? Or prepare for a pedicure? Or bathe her little dog? 

Alas!  I finally found a smart shower seat to share with you; it's thought of everything!



The Genuine Teak Shower Seat thought about durable materials that are long-lived and don't rust or collect mold.  Plantation-grown teak, the most water resistant wood, can endure water, heat, soaps and creams, some of which are absorbed by the wood so it takes on its own patina, without weakening its structure.  The legs are made of rust proof powder-coated aluminum, easily rinsed by water and an occasional easy-going green household cleanser.

The design is stylish and  very functional.  The Shower Seat is corner-oriented, the best place in a stall shower to hide from direct water hits, and the seat and its convenient storage shelf are slotted to allow water to drain through without soaking the teak or your soaps and scrubbers. The Shower Seat even thought about sloped shower stalls and made one of it's legs adjustable to keep the stool steady.

And just look at that adorable little foot stool!



The Genuine Teak Shower Seat is 22" W x 17" H and weighs only 5.5 pounds and it's available at Hammacher Schlemmer with antique bronze or white legs, to match your bath decor.  Sure, you can buy about 10 plastic patio tables for the cost, but the Teak Shower Seat is so much smarter. It stayed in school until it was ready to do the job.  Lifetime guaranteed!

Editor's Update: Hammacher no longer carries any teak shower stools. You can see the selection of teak shower stools sold on Amazon here.  


Keeping you posted...

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Sep 9, 2009
by Anonymous

I Want It!

I have the same problem finding a durable and suitable shower seat (which I use along with the "steamer" feature of the showerhead for a relaxing "steamroom" experience) -- By golly -- THIS is it! No question. Great find, thanks.

Odd though that the seat itself has three legs and they decided one needed to be adjustable -- three legs would be stable on ANY surface. Maybe not LEVEL, but that's kinda the whole point of a three-legged stool -- it's always stable.