'Sh*t My Dad Says' - First TV Sitcom With 'Social Network' Theme

The irrepressible William Shatner, who at the ripe young age of 79 is jumping back into TV programming with a sit-com that will extend the television frontier to where no man has gone before.

With close to a quarter million followers on Twitter, and the founder of his own social network for Trekkies, titled "MyOuterSpace.com," Shatner has landed a sit-com gig that is treading new ground. The show is based on Justin Halpern's best selling book titled, "Sh*t My Dad Says"

The tome was touted as a coming-of-age memoir focused on the humorous tweets of Halpern's father.  Gaining the attention of TV execs after Halpern's Twitter following scaled past 1.3 million, the show will expand upon the son's raucous and off-color-140-characters-or-less tweets into a full-blown 30 minutes of dialogue, similar to the dysfunctional antics of "Two and Half Men," and "Modern Family." However I think the censors will have to work double-time on this one, as evidenced by some of the tweets found emanating from Halpern's Twitter account.

Here is one that's a little more tame.

Here's the official TV trailer… which is liberating to see how far TV sitcoms have come from the days of the 7 words George Carlin couldn't say on TV…

However, while we've come a long way, baby, it appears that one of those 7 words that Carlin couldn't say way back in 1972 can still not be uttered during prime time in 21st Century. "Sh*t" according to all reports will be changed in the title of the show to "Stuff" or "Bleep" -  or some other homogenized version of that deficating noun. Oh well! One small step for man, one giant hilarious leap for mankind when hopefully this pilot does make it to the fall TV schedule. Stay tuned.

George Carlin can't say sh*t!George Carlin can't say sh*t!

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Jun 6, 2010
by Anonymous

Shatner Looks Constipated

Shatner always has a "feces face". He definitely needs to eat more fiber.