Shwing Sneaker Wing Accessories Add Lift To Your High-top Lace-ups

Forget Red Bull, Shwing sneaker accessories give high-top lace-ups real wings in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Simple to install and remove, Shwings kick your flighty fashion sense to a new, higher level and are also a great way to add new dash to well-worn footwear.

Shwings come in pairs with the intent being to put one on the outside of each shoe – inside installation could prompt wearers to take a flyer of the unwanted kind. Speaking of installation, it couldn't be easier whether one's putting Shwings on or taking them off.

Just position each Shwing over the topmost three lace holes along the outside edge of each sneaker and thread the laces through the doubled holes; then tie as you would normally. Velcro sneakers aren't compatible so better brush up on your lace-tying technique, lazybones!

Variety is Shwings' stock in trade, by the way, and the wacky wings are available in an expansive range of colors including metallic gold and neon orange. Looking to take a walk on the wild side? Order up Shwings in faux leopard skin!

The alluring add-ons measure 110mm long by × 70mm wide by 2mm deep (4.4 x 2.8 x 0.08 inches). They're priced at 840 yen by Village Vanguard in Japan but only cost $4.99 when ordered through The latter also stocks Shwings in mustache, butterfly and lightning-bolt versions in case wings aren't your thing.

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