Siberian Sculptors Erect Monument to Yeti

According to news sources, Russian sculptors have created a monument to the elusive yeti, which stands at the entrance of a little village in Kuzbass, western Siberia. There are no known photos of the yeti statue, but it is reported that the sculpture, which is composed of massive old-growth cedar, stands two and half meters (almost 9 feet) high. It is reported that most people laugh or at least smile upon viewing it because the yeti is depicted holding a snowboard under one very hairy arm.



Kuzbass is a dynamically developing region of Russia also known as Kemerovo. Situated in the heart of Russia in the southeastern portion of Siberia, it is an area rich in natural resources with a highly sophisticated transport infrastructure and secure multi-branch economy.

In the words of sculptor, Andrei Lubchenko:

“Our yeti looks like King Kong. He is shaggy and massive like the famous gorilla. But I’m sure that locals will not be scared of him, because our yeti is very kind. He is our giant sportsman.”

Yeti specialist, Igor Burtsev, had this to say about the expedition:

“Our people visited Azasskaya Cave. Unfortunately, we did not find any direct evidence of a Bigfoot’s presence there. People are simply pouring in there now. If there had been any footprints there originally, they were destroyed.”

Who’s to say what the next expedition will uncover after the spring thaw? Is it possible that among the discoveries there may be a giant hairy creature more afraid of humans than they are of him who seeks only a place where he can snowboard in peace?

Only time (and more snowboards) will tell.

Apr 16, 2009
by Toby
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He's so cute!

good find, Marjorie!

Apr 16, 2009
by M Dee Dubroff
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Yea, he is!


Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff

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