The Sikker Aims To Transform Baby Monitoring

For those who are thinking about having a baby in the future there is a new innovation in baby monitors on the horizon.  The concept is called the Sikker, which is a Danish word that translates to ‘safety’.  Unlike the traditional baby monitors, which have changed very little over the years, this device consists of two bracelets and a base station that also acts as an alarm clock for the parent.

The Sikker monitor comes with one adult sized bracelet and one baby sized one.  It will perform the basic function of the regular devices by transmitting the sounds that the baby makes, but it also monitors the baby’s temperature and heart rate and sends that information to the adult bracelet, as well as showing a temperature stripe on the baby one. 

The adult bracelet also allows for the parent to speak to the baby over the system or select music to play for the baby.  It seems like a pretty amazing system that will allow for better baby safety and parenting convenience all in one.

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Source: Yanko Design

Mar 28, 2010
by Kim Patterson

I agree!

I don't know when it will actually be available to buy, but I think it looks great too!  If I hear of it coming out I will definitely put up an update of some sort.

Mar 29, 2010
by Anonymous

uggg Yanko strikes again!

I used to be a daily visitor to yanko design. The industrial designs that they posted are absolutely amazing. I then realized that i will never be able to own most of the products.. :-(

Mar 29, 2010
by Kim Patterson

I Understand

It is frustrating to be reading up on an absolutely amazing product that would help you out so much, only to find out that it is just a concept thus far.  I guess we can only hope that they make it to production.