Silicone iPhone 4/4s Case Nose Who's Calling

The Hana Silicone iPhone 4/4s Case not only displays a distinctive design  that sets it apart from other iPhone cases, the unusual suggested user finger placement ensures anyone can “pick” it out from the crowd. 

“Hana” means “nose” in Japanese and the name is truly warranted: the sculpted honker is the case's most outstanding feature... we can go as far to say it's the ONLY feature, as a matter of fact.

Designed by Ejiri Ikuyo for Circus and P+G Design, the case is made from injection-molded silicone rubber described as being “surprisingly soft, suede-like.” That's cool, since those who love their iPhones spend an inordinate amount of time holding them and a comfy case just adds to the whole experience.

But back to the nose... not that we can avoid it for long. The prominent proboscis isn't only there for show, of course, it acts as a built-in stand for when you want to lean your iPhone to watch videos, play some tunes, and so on.

It also gives your smartphone an appealing, minimalist vibe: a hole for the camera lens looks a little like an eye; step back a bit and one can imagine a brightly colored Easter Island Moai laying down a friendly wink!

Speaking of colors, P+G Design offers the Hana Silicone iPhone 4/4s Case in your choice of Electric BlueHot Pink or Lime Green. They measure 1.2" × 4.6" × 2.4" or 118mm x 62mm x 37mm, though the non-nose portions of the case are just 13mm (1/2”) thick. Order yours online at the Japanese Gift Shop website (they're priced at $12.00 each) and while you're at it, change your ring tone to a messy wet sneeze!

UPDATE: The Hana iPhone Case is now available in the U.S. at Amazon

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Jul 31, 2012
by meliccalewis

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Jul 31, 2012
by Anonymous

Hana silicone iPhone case

Where do I get this and will it fit the regular iPhone