Silver Generation Tricycle Helps Seniors Exercise Their Independence

The Kukuru S silver generation tricycle is ideal for on-the-go seniors who aren't quite ready for an electric mobility scooter. The unique 4-wheeled trike boasts a host of built-in safety and security features that don't sacrifice everyday convenience and practicality.

Designer Tetsuo Ishikawa was inspired by his mother, who fell while riding a standard bicycle. “I want to help the health of seniors' mind and body,” stated Ishikawa, “including maintenance of their leg muscles.”

The first is accomplished by enabling safe mobility, the second by requiring riders to provide motive power by pedaling.

Unlike most other trikes, the Kukuru S features an encased set of reduction gears that allow riders to proceed comfortably at a gentle walking pace. A hand brake that can be locked secures the trike when stopped.

Should the rider need to leave their trike unattended for a time, they can turn the front wheel to a 90-degree angle to the frame and lock it in position with a key.

You may have noticed the Kukuru S silver generation tricycle actually has four wheels – the twin front wheels are slightly separated to provide extra stability when riding and turning.

The trike has a very low center of gravity with the frame just 27cm (about 10 inches) above the ground. A flat “dead pedal” mounted on the frame between the standard pedals makes climbing onto or off of the trike both simple and secure for seniors.

The Kukuru S tricycle comes in a choice of blue or pink, and has a height-adjustable seatback. At 120cm (48 inches) long, 60cm (24 inches) wide and weighing just 22kg (just under 50 lbs), the trike is compact but exerts a stable and steady footprint that resists tipping.

Last but not least, the Kukuru S silver generation tricycle recognizes seniors' desire to live independent lifestyles through being equipped with large yet low-mounted wire carrying baskets front and rear. Pricing according to the Konna Shop product page is 97,650 yen or just under $1,000 each.