Silverstone Launches 500w SFX Computer Power Supply With 120mm Fan

The SFX power supply form factor, a mod of the regular ATX form factor for smaller cases, is restricted to a 100mm depth, limiting them to 80mm fans. Silverstone, in a bit of an overdue move, has increased the depth limit to 130mm with its new SFX-L spec, which otherwise is fully compatible with SFX. Their 500w SX500-LG is the first SFX-L PSU, and it's cooled by a 120mm fan.

The reasoning for a bigger fan is simple: Larger fans don't have to spin as fast as their smaller counterparts to blow as much air, and they tend to be quieter and more reliable as a result.


An imposing fan grilleAn imposing fan grille


If your SFF case is big enough to handle the extra 30mm – I know the Apex MI-008 and derivatives aren't* – the SX500-LG, besides its quieter fan, looks decent. It's fully modular, with ribbon-style cables, and includes dual 6/8-pin PCIe power connectors. A 40A 12v rail provides the grunt, and 80Plus Gold certification promises 87-90% efficiency across most loads.


 Front and backFront and back


Silverstone already sells a 600w SFX power supply, but those use the traditional 100mm depth and 80mm fans. Silverstone may put out an SFX-L update to that unit in the future. For now, you can find the SX500-LG at various retailers going for around $99 USD.

*Probably only if you leave out the optical drive, will the Apex MI-008 and other cases that use its basic design handle an SFX-L PSU.

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