Simple and Effective: The Kazu Light


If you're not familiar with, the crafty online marketplace that showcases the handmade art, jewelry, clothing and whatever else you can think of from thousands of creatives worldwide, now is the time to get familiar.  

Case in point:  The Kazu lamp.  From New York design shop Softboiled, this simple yet striking lamp is a perfect testimony to how easy it is to channel one's creativity into fabulous results.  


The main ingredient of this fairly industrial light is bent expanded metal, with options to go bare in a naked honeycomb frame; or to be dipped in blue plastic, which tones down any harsh edges while also adorning it with color and texture.

A 25-watt lightbulb is recommended, probably so as to not melt the plastic, and the designers advise not using a frosted version as the cool shadow effects will be negated.  

A porcelain socket and dial switch with cord is included. All you need is a place to showcase this swank piece of lighting. 

Softboiled on via Design Milk