SIMPLE Concept from BMW Leans Like a Motorcycle, Seats 2, and Gets 118mpg

Back in 2002, BMW revealed a tricycle-based concept that called the CLEVER. It stood for Compact Low Emissions Vehicle for Urban Transport and was light enough to be powered by a small compressed natural gas engine. Now, BMW has released another of their tricycle-based concepts that has been dubbed the SIMPLE.

SIMPLE stands for Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Product for Low Energy consumption and, like the CLEVER, is a lightweight compact vehicle made for commuters. Power comes from a small internal combustion engine that powers an electric motor. The exact size has yet to be determined.

Even though the powerplant will be very small, the SIMPLE will be able to reach 60mph in less than 10 seconds and hit a top speed of about 124mph. This is thanks mostly to a weight of less than 1000lbs and a drag coefficient of 0.18. According to initial estimates, the SIMPLE will be able to return the equivalent of about 118 miles per gallon.

Sadly, there are no plans for either the SIMPLE or the CLEVER to enter production. This could, of course, change over the next few years, but we won't hold our breaths.


Oct 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Needs better Body style

Ive seen tricycle style cars on
Needs more Aero & not boxy looking funny car.

Id drive one IF BMW changed the body style.

Be neat.

Produce this BMW & win sales