Simple Fun - The Shape, Model And Mold Makes It Right

From high-quality toy-makers Melissa and Doug comes the Shape, Model and Mold - a hands-on way for kids to learn about shapes and create just about anything they want.

Play-dough and its variants have been around for years and continue to be popular because kids just love having their hands in things - it's not enough to see someone else do it, they need to do it themselves to truly enjoy what's going on. In the same way that "the stove is hot" doesn't really carry weight until they figure it out for themselves, playtime just isn't as great when television is they only thing you're getting.

Fortunately, the folks at Melissa and Doug (Melissa and Doug, presumably) have created the Shape, Model and Mold playset. In many respects it resembles other name-brand alternatives but is constructed of a higher quality of materials and includes a fair bit of equipment for the under $20 purhcase price.

Along with four tubs of modeling clay the set includes three rolling pins - one plain, one to make strips and one with a checkered pattern, five stamps and a clay cutting tool all in a wooden storage case.

So many molds: so little time.So many molds: so little time. 

This is a hallmark for Melissa and Doug; where others would use plastic they tend to go for wood or painted items, adding a level of value to their products that is rarely seen in other kids toys.

Right now, this toy is trending upwards at Amazon with positive overall feedback, although there are a few complaints about the stamps losing their paint within a few uses, possibly leading to the fun and exciting world of paint swallowing. In addition, almost every review mentions the modelling clay supplied and suggests another type be purchased for use as the out-of-the-box version is apparently pretty awful.

Still, for less than $20 it's unlikely that parents are going to find a better hands-on deal to keep their young ones from getting into things that are just as malleable but not really made as toys.

Sure, peanut butter can be molded, but most adults don't want it on their living room floor.

Source: Melissa and Doug 

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