Simply Clearer: The Lucid 2 Keeps It Transparent

The Lucid 2 from Verizon WirelessThe Lucid 2 from Verizon Wireless

Smartphones just keep getting smarter, right? But that complexity of user interface and a myriad of features isn't for everyone. LG considered this, and came up with the Lucid 2. Available from Verizon Wireless, the Lucid 2 isn't the most attractive phone on the market, but for consumers who want to access to Android's playground without all the clutter, it's a solid buy. While most “starter phones” often have a stripped down approach, skimping on certain prized features found on more powerful devices, the Lucid 2 gives you full access through its Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean) OS.

Some notable features include:

Nice screen size: Lucid 2’s 4.3" qHD AH-IPS Display delivers a pleasant viewing experience—no matter what you’re watching. Catch your favorite TV shows, read your favorite magazines, or simply catch up on that novel you've been meaning to get back to. The screen is roomy enough for the experience.

quickMemo: Capture any screen image, make notes with your finger, and share online, by text, email and more. Add a personal touch in all you do.

Switch modes with ease: You switch from ‘work’ to ‘leisure’ mode and back in seconds—and the Lucid 2 by LG does, too. It features an easy-to-understand user interface that quickly gets you acquainted with your new smartphone right from the start.

Starter Mode: Lets new smartphone owners jump right into using their phone. Simplified home screens and helpful widgets make it easy to grasp the basics in seconds.

Standard Mode: Already know the ins and outs of smartphone usage? Advanced users can choose Standard Mode, offering a more personalized experience with five customizable home screens and a lock screen.

Smartphone users who can do all the tricks and nuances in their sleep, probably won't bat an eye at the Lucid 2. But those people still using flip phones, and your older relative who just doesn't want a phone that's “too smart,” might really enjoy this product. Find out more about the Lucid 2 here.

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