Simulated Wedding Cake: Great Idea?

Whether or not Marie Antoinette ever instructed the French people to eat cake has been questioned down through history since the day the poor royal lost her head, but let’s face it. Cake is cake and what would a special occasion such as a wedding be without it? According to the inventor of Patent 7,021,465, the Simulated Wedding Cake fills a very specific need. It would seem that the proper cutting, apportioning and placing of pieces of the wedding cake on plates is a task that is rarely done correctly. The simulated wedding cake represents no muss, no fuss and equal portions (in the sense that no one gets any cake at all).


Part of the patent is defined as follows:

“A plurality of stackable layers oriented in a substantially vertical manner, one said plurality of layers defining a base and other said plurality of layers defining an apex, said plurality of layers having a centrally disposed longitudinal axis extending there through and further has top and bottom surfaces disposed thereabout, said plurality of layers further having a plurality of apertures formed therein and radially spaced about a perimeter thereof respectively.”

In other words, geometrically speaking, this cake is delicious!

Other inventors have dared to venture into the realm of wedding accoutrements and gift ideas. Consider Toby’s piece, “Mesmerizing Glassware: Float By Molo” and Lady Bee’s clever presentation, “The Well-Dressed Dog At A Wedding: Trend-Setting Elegance For Dog Grooms."

Should simulated wedding invitations, gifts guests and even wedding participants be next? Whys top with just the cake?

The simulated sky is surely the limit!

I would rather not attend THIS wedding.

How about YOU?