Sing Along with the Cast of Glee Using this App for your iPod!

The musical hit comedy Glee debuted on television sets all over the world in 2009 and has since become one of the most watched shows on primetime television. It doesn't come as a surprise then that the first game officially licensed by the show encourages you to express yourself through song and sing like the glee clubbers on the show!

The App

A colorful splash screen greets you when you first start up Glee Karaoke on your device. You can get started by filling out a short form to signup for the Glee network so you can connect with other users through the app. When you're done, tap on the purple "Sing!" button in the middle of the main menu to start singing.

Have the app gauge your singing abilities by giving the included tutorial song a go. The song is none other than "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and I admit, an eyebrow went up when I saw the title of the song they wanted me to me sing so I could get ranked. I tried it out anyway and was instantly amused. A soft, whimsical melody began to play, encouraging you to sing along with the lyrics flashing on the screen. After one round at it, the same song plays again along with a harmony that the app created to mesh with your voice. 

Glee Karaoke grades you for every song you sing by awarding you with a certain number of starbursts after every performance. Starbursts are the app's point system of determining whether you're worthy of leveling up or not. The closer you sing to the song's pitch, the more starbursts you get. You get less if you sing more offkey but you get to have a few more laughs with yourself along the way (Well, that's how I felt in my case.)

Starbursts are not only for level you purposes, but they also determine your global ranking versus all the other users of the app. You will also be awarded some bonus starbursts for performing some secret actions or when you reach some milestone achievements with your singing.

The Good

The app actually helps you cheat with your voice a little if you're offkey with the built-in pitch corrector. You can also choose to sing with a harmony or go without it on the lyrics display screen. A quick tap will help you toggle between enabling or disabling these options.


The app automatically makes recordings whenever you sing so you can listen to them to your heart's content when you want to try being your own judge for a change.

A very cool feature of the app is that you can broadcast your recordings to the rest of the world through your very own radio tower on the Glee Globe. You can also share your gift of song (or the lack thereof) on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or spread them along through email. When you're taking some time off to rest those vocal chords, tune in to what the rest of the world is singing by heading on over to the Glee Globe to listen to what other people are broadcasting.

The app also makes meeting new friends who share the same passion as you easier. Become a gleek (that's app-speak for fan) of any user who impresses you with their voice and talent. Other users can also sign on to become your gleeks when they like what they hear on your recordings.


The Bad

Glee Karaoke by Smule is an entertaining app and its colorful interface is definitely easy on the eyes. It's a fine app to have when you want to while away some time on listless afternoons but I think that it's quite a setback to have to purchase the tracks that you want to sing one by one in the app. It costs around a dollar a pop but it will eventually add up to a lot if you want to have a substantial track library to sing to.

Visit the Developer's site for this app: Smule
Download the Glee Karaoke app here: iTunes App Store