Singing Dog Alarm Clock Features Soft Silicone Paws Button

Are you one of those people who thinks waking up's a bitch? If so, Seiko's Singing Dog Alarm Clock (technically model number NR428W) will do little to change your mind and, as a bonus, forever turn you off of Glenn Miller's jazzy toe-tapper "Little Brown Jug".

On the other hand, if you're a committed pet lover this singing, barking wake-up call just could be the greatest thing since sliced purebred!

Pleasingly designed in round dialed retro style, sporting classic Beagle colors and puppy graphics at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions, the Singing Dog Alarm Clock offers up aural and tactile pleasures to dog tired cat-nappers.

Its cute paw-shaped snooze (paws?) button is rendered in soft silicone plastic that recalls a puppy's soft, warm foot pad.

It's the distinctive Melody Alarm that really separates the NR428W from the rest of the litter, however. Reminiscent of the supremely annoying Christmas Dogs song, Seiko has arranged for  a canine crooner to bark along with Glenn Miller's "Little Brown Jug".

Catchy, sure, (listen to it here) but the very last thing anyone nursing a fiendish hangover wants to hear.

The Singing Dog Alarm Clock comes with three AA batteries to power it, measures  15.5cm wide by 11.4cm tall (6.2 by 4.5 inches) and costs 4,000 yen (about ($40) when ordered from Japanese online retailer Rakuten. It's a mutt's have! (via Impress Watch)