Singing In The Shower Just Got Easier

As a student, I’ve always been interested in purchasing a shower radio. But since I haven’t seen anything that really catches my eye, I’ve pretty much forgotten about the device; until now.

Source: Technabob  

Unlike other shower radios that blatantly stand out in the bathroom, this Shampoo Radio blends in with all your hair and body wash products. Despite looking pretty cheap, the waterproof invention is a simple device that can do its job, which is providing music you can sing along too.

Some ways manufacturers can improve this product is by making it an MP3 player and making it look rather expensive. So instead of fiddling around with the shampoo bottle (and accidentally breaking it because it looks so cheap), people can just listen to their favourite music. There should also be a better name for the shampoo company; “Rejoice” just seems too unprofessional.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Shampoo Radio, then click on over this site.