Great Ideas For Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.) On February 14

As our coupled friends celebrate that mushy, heart-y February 14 “holiday”, the rest of us celebrate Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.).  We encourage giving gifts to yourself or your other single friends to celebrate S.A.D.  Go and share S.A.D. with each other! Here are some ideas from around the Internet for fun and funny S.A.D. gifts and activities:

Tasty, Ooey-Gooey Chocolate... In A S.A.D. Cupcake

Ooey-Gooey Chocolate CupcakeOoey-Gooey Chocolate Cupcake

 Image: yourcupofcake

If you want chocolate, let those other poor suckers have chocolate candy. You should enjoy something more ooey and gooey like a delicious S.A.d cupcake.

Single Awareness Day Cookies

S.A.D. CookiesS.A.D. Cookies

 Image: paperblog

Bake and decorate some delish Singles Awareness Day Cookies. I think this might be a great group activity. It should involve lots of wine too.

Valentine’s Suck Candy Jar

Valentines Suck Candy JarValentines Suck Candy Jar

 Image: somewhatsimple

Make it yourself with the free printable labels from

S.A.D. Jewelry

S.A.D. jewelry is becoming popular and it is all over the craft site Etsy. We appreciate the support of these marvelous crafters to S.A.D. Here are some of my favorites in S.A.D. jewelry on Etsy.

Nice Try Necklace

 Nice Try NecklaceNice Try Necklace

 Image: etsy

Singles Awareness Day adjustable rings

S.A.D. RingsS.A.D. Rings


Cupid is not my Homeboy necklace

Cupid is Not My Home BoyCupid is Not My Home Boy

 Image: etsy

Amazon Has Great S.A.D Gift Ideas


 The Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Pillow

 Boyfriend PillowBoyfriend Pillow


 And the Deluxe Comfort Girlfriend Pillow

  Girlfriend PillowGirlfriend Pillow


The Pleasures of Cooking for One by Judith Jones

The Pleasures of Cooking for OneThe Pleasures of Cooking for One


S.A.D. Doggie T-shirt

 S.A.D. Doggie ShirtS.A.D. Doggie Shirt


1000 Days of Celibacy: A Race Against the Cockatoo

1000 Days of Celibacy1000 Days of Celibacy
This is a book about one woman’s adventures through the dating world.

Zazzle Has S.A.D. Cards and Shirts 


Singles Awareness Day Greeting Cards from Zazzle

S.A.D. Greeting CardsS.A.D. Greeting Cards


Awesome Cupid Massacre T-Shirt by Zazzle

Cupid Massacre T-ShirtCupid Massacre T-Shirt


The Best Single Awareness Day Present Ever

Box of WineBox of Wine
Image: Franzia

I think we can all agree that the all time best present on Single Awareness Day is wine, and lots of it.  So there is a  box of wine  waiting for you and your friends at your local wine and spirits retailer.

Support your local single this Valentine's Day and remember them with a S.A.D. gift! 

Also Remember: February 15 is Discount Candy Day!

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