Single Cup Desktop Coffee Maker

Are you sick of getting out of your desk to go and get yourself something? Are you falling asleep at your desk, but have no time to go and brew a pot of coffee? Do you want coffee on hand at all times? Do not fear the desktop coffee maker is here.


Desktop Coffee MakerDesktop Coffee Maker

The normal everyday coffee junkie can be found at any office sitting at their desk for hours at a time. Most people would have trouble staying awake during this, including the caffeine junkie. Out of all the people in the office the biggest burden is having to get up from your desk and waste time and/or effort getting something. Isn’t America great.


Desktop Coffee Maker 2Desktop Coffee Maker 2


I know what your thinking. Do I need to keep all those little individual packets on stock every time I want a cup? The answer is no. This coffee machine takes regular ground coffee so fill her up and push the go button as much as you want.

You can purchase this beast for $34 in which you also get two mugs. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a great deal.

UPDATE: This item is no longer available. But there is now a huge selection of single desktop coffee makerswith great reviews like this one.

Source: OhGizmo!

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