Single Cup Desktop Coffee Maker - Which Is Best?

Are you sick of getting out of your desk to go and get yourself something? Are you falling asleep at your desk, but have no time to go and brew a pot of coffee? Do you want coffee on hand at all times? Do not fear the desktop coffee maker is here and there are many to choose from. I think these three are the best:


Brew N Go Desktop Coffee Maker

 Brew N Go Desktop CoffeeBrew N Go Desktop Coffee

Black & Deckers Brew N GoCoffee Maker is a personal coffee maker that quickly brews a 15 ounce coffee directly into your mug of choice or the travel mug that is included. You can used coffee pods or coffee grounds with their permanent coffee filter. It is one of the least expensive single serving desktop coffee makers available on the market andone of the highest rated. If you want to brew your own quality coffe, this inexpensive coffee maker is highly recommended.


Keurig Single Cup Brewing System

Keurig Brewing SystemKeurig Brewing System

If you're willing to pay a little more for a great cup of coffee, you should look at the Keurig Single Serving Coffee Brewing System. You use the no fuss no muss K-cup coffee in their coffee machine and get a cup of fresh coffee instantly. No coffee grounds and no coffee filters to have to deal with. 

Kitchen Selectives Colors Single Serving Coffee Makers

Kitchen Selectives Single Serving Coffee MakersKitchen Selectives Single Serving Coffee Makers

If you want a bright and happy looking coffee maker for your desk, nothing beats the wonderful colorful options that Kitchen Selectives has.  You use fresh coffee grounds in their washable coffee filter. Super cheap and super fun. I think the teal is really fun looking but you can see the great colors they have here.

I have reviewed several dozen single and desktop coffee makers to select these three as my favorites when looking closely at the combination of price, features and quality of reviews.  But if these don't work for you, take a look here are many more options available.

Happy sips to you....



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