Sip of Light: Portable LED To-Go Cup

sip some light on the subjectsip some light on the subject

When I was a kid I used to get a big kick out of hiding out under the covers or in a closet- turned-clubhouse and reading various tales of adventure by flashlight.  Woo, big thrill.  Nothing more mischievous than reading in the dark, you know.  Yeah, well, anyway...  That quickly lost its allure when I hit my twenties, when it was on to greater shenanigans (like fort-making and what not).  A Sip of Light designed by Sung-Kyu Nam could've come in handy back then, as neck pain was often an undesirable consequence of holding that dang flashlight tucked under my chin for hours at a time.


This rather comical portable lamp looks like your regular old to-go coffee cup, but if you were to try sipping some delicious beverage from it you might come up disappointed, as it's really a little LED light!  What a joker that Sung-Kyu Nam is.  Further enhancing the novelty of this contraption is the fact that you turn it on and off by bending or straightening the straw.  Cute?  Sure.  Practical?  That may be a bit questionable, especially for use in transit, but overall it's definitely a fascinating concept, even if you can't drink from it.

Via yanko design