Sipatiniz: Stay Classy With The Spill-Proof Martini Glass

Martinis have become the drink of choice for those looking for a classy cocktail. On Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw and her core group of classy friends never seem to spill a drop of their infamous cosmopolitan martinis. In real life, the rest of us should only be so lucky; martini glasses just seem to be designed for spill.  Perhaps it's a conspiracy by the liquor companies to have martini lovers dispense more money for their favorite classy mixed drinks, or just a greater emphasis upon the look of the martini glasses over function, but spills are an unfortunate reality of martini drinking. Enter the Sipatiniz, the spill-resistant martini glass.

Renee Williams, a Rowlett, Texas resident took notice of the martini spilling disasters at parties of social events, and decided to come up with a spill-proof solution so the rest of us can be just as classy drinking our martinis as the ladies from Sex and the City who have popularized the cosmo and other flavored martinis. While the traditional design of a martini glass feels classy and elegant; covering yourself or your friends in your drink of choice creates an all new drinking problem that ruins the sophisticated effect.

The Sipatiniz isn't fool-proof; spills can still occur, especially for martini drinkers who have consumed a few too many of the classy drink. However, their spill-resistant design does eliminate unsophisticated spills while maintaining the classy effect of the martini glass. The design of the spill-resistant martini glass is simple; a lip has been added to the outside rim which allows just enough room for a straw and classic martini garnishes around the rim. Essentially, this unique martini glass looks like a glass in a glass, and while straws are not required they are recommended.

The Sipatiniz line is expected to make an appearance in retail stores in spring 2009 and will be available in sets of four. Williams will also be selling this unique, spill-resistant martini glasses directly from her website for around $18 USD a piece.

This innovative business concept is the first entrepreneurial pursuit by Renee Williams, and it's taking off already. Now martini drinkers can even indulge in a couple more of their favorite classy beverages without fear of looking sloppy, only elegant.

EDITOR'S UPDATE:  Sipatiniz was the winner of The Next Big Thing, and the glasses are now available on Amazon here.

Source: Sipatiniz

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