Sippin Seat Means Never Getting Off Your Butt

Bringing alcoholic beverages into sporting events is near impossible. Event security is up on all the tricks; binoculars that are really flasks, vodka in a bottle of water, a bottle of rum hidden in your kid's underoos. They've seen it all. 

It's time to get smarter.

Introducing the Sippin Seat. It's a comfortable and portable flask-in-a-cushion that is high on every drunken fan's holiday wish list.  Designed for both hot and cold beverages the seat cushion holds up to 36-ounces of liquid, equal to three cans of beer or one standard bottle of wine. Drink it fast enough and the cushion doubles as a pillow for impromptu naps at halftime or during long, egotistical guitar solos.

The easy to use nozzle and valve makes pouring a breeze. Just jump up and down in your seat to pump out every last drop. This seat is perfect for every occasion; sporting events, concerts, dinner with family, hunting, boring little league games, camping, overtime at work, fishing and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

My only concern is if you went a little overboard on the sausage at the pre-game tailgate and need to let out a couple two-cheek sneaks during the game. Will it affect the taste of the liquids? I guess you will find out if your beer tastes like ass.

Chris Illuminati
Guest Blogger 

Chris Illuminati, our Guest Blogger, is a freelance writer and a master of balloon animals. You can read more of him at

Nov 11, 2008
by Anonymous


wouldn't that get odd looks at a stadium or such? Wouldn't it look like they pee in the cup? Dunno if it would taste good either even if it was yummy soda in there.