Siretoco Baby Panda Donuts Could Be The Cutest Donuts EVAR!

Now you can face your inner panda and eat it too, thanks to Siretoco Donuts and their sweet Panda-tastic variation on Toad In The Hole. Not only are the donuts delicious, they provide full value for your dollar since you're not paying for empty space.

The panda-themed donuts were inspired by the untimely demise of a baby panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo in the summer of 2012. As the impending birth of the cub – the first to be born in Japan in 24 years – approached, it seemed the entire nation caught the “panda buzz”.

After just 7 days and before it could be formally named, the cub passed away from complications of pneumonia caught after accidentally ingesting its mother's milk into its lungs.

“The shocking loss of the baby panda left a gaping hole in everyone's mind,” related the chief baker at Siretoco Factory. “By filling the holes in our Siretoco Donuts with cute baby pandas, we're hoping to soothe that sense of loss.”

Siretoco donuts are baked, not fried, and the most common variety is stacked one atop the other like a pair of spare tires. The resulting central space is thus deeper and reinforces the illusion of a playful baby panda lurking in the donut's hole. The donuts are packed for take-out in paper bags with clear plastic windows... the cuteness just never stops! (via Gigazine and Rakuten)