Sit On One Of These Feral Futons By Máximo Riera, IF YOU DARE!

When people tell you that the wheel doesn’t need to be redesigned, lean back in your biologically accurate rhinoceros throne and scold them for thinking inside the box. (I’ll bet that you thought sitting on a grizzly bear was nuts!)

Check out Máximo Riera’s Animal Chair collection of redesigned chairs for the inspiration to challenge the standard tools, furniture and devices that we use every day with your own inventions. After all, designers and inventors share the common ground of taking something that exists, or that needs to exist, by making something incredible for everyone to enjoy. These five reimagined chairs are five of the six that will compose the entire Animal Chair series, with the “Beetle” making its debut at a later time. Sit back and enjoy this inspirational gallery of zoological armchairs:

ElephantElephant Octopus ChairOctopus Chair RhinoRhino WalrusWalrus WhaleWhale

If you’re in the market to place a Walrus/Lounge Chair combo in your office, you can contact Máximo himself for more information. If you’d like to see more reimagined goodies like these, for future articles, let me know in the comments below! Now can someone out there please build me a Tricerra-Chair?

Source: Máximo Riera