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Site Announcement - November 12, 2008

Site News

InventorSpot.com is pleased to announce that another writer is joining our team.

John P. Barker spends most of his time running amuck, working on an ever-expanding novel, petting his twenty-five pound cat, and tutoring kids of all ages.  He'd really like to see his life hit some sort of
routine, but with the advent of a new girlfriend and total family chaos, he predicts that this won't happen for a while.  To keep his sanity he plays lots of games (he feels that nothing is more
satisfying than blowing up a zombie critter), reads everything possible (currently alternating time between Atlas Shrugged and comic books), and plays with a barrage of toys.  He is guilty of having an
extensive R2-D2 collection-much to the chagrin of the new girlfriend.

John will be covering innovative and unusual toys and games for our site. You can check out his blog here.

InventorSpot.com Team