Site Announcements - March 1, 2008

Site NewsWe have some exciting news. There are new writers joining our team:

Diana Eid is a freelance writer from Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 2002 and has since written on a variety of topics from children's stories to horror to relationship advice. While her roommates include her two cats, Diana enjoys playing with catnip just as much as they do. She is excited to bring you the newest information on products and inventions of interest to women. You can see her blog here .

Luke McKinney is physicist with a passion for the pointless. He'll be reporting on things that you won't need to buy but will enjoy reading about. If it shouldn't have been made, or they should have stopped halfway through, you'll find it at Luke's blog here .

Toby, our new food, drink and kitchen innovations writer, is actually Myra Per-Lee's alter-ego. She believes that she began her invention career in the kitchen, where prototyping and product testing is so immediate and gratifying. Her column will be called "All About Taste", and you can read it here.  We are excited to have these new writers on our writing team and we look forward to seeing the wonderful inventions and innovations they will share with our readers. Team