Site Provides Status Of 196 Web APIs

API Status BoardAPI Status Board


As everything moves to the cloud, the reliability of online services is becoming more and more critical to anyone who wants to create online products. Whether you have your own business attempting to sell to online customers, or you are trying to invent a web app that does something revolutionary, or even if you work in the mobile or tablet space, chances are you rely heavily on cloud services to do everything from database management, data processing, analytics, storage and so on. This means you may rely on a dozen or more online services to stay up and available, and you may need to keep an eye on each of them individually.

Zapier has a new site that aims to provide a single point of control for all of your web APIs. From a single status board, you can monitor all of the popular web APIs including Box, Facebook, Foursquare, Mailchimp, Salesforce and so on. In all, the site monitors 196 services and it is adding more all the time. In an easy to use interface, you can keep an eye on those APIs that your web app relies on, or you can find out which API works better than others. It tracks the past week of uptime, and even offers to send you alerts when a particular service goes down.

Zapier's core business is to automate tasks between these APIs. Using their services, you can create tasks between popular cloud systems, like taking a form mail from Mailchimp and mixing it with data coming from Salesforce. But the API status page is a nice way for those of us who rely on cloud systems for our day to day work to keep track of these things, and it is available for free to everyone.