Sitscape Sofa Builds Your Favorite Seating Position Into the Design

The Sitscape is a fluid-like seating zone designed by Berlin-based Hackenbroich Architekten, specifically focused on customized seating positions and the smooth transitions between them. The prototype for this "lounge landscape" is one meter wide and a whopping six meters long, with six tailor-made resting spots integrated within it.

Ride the waveRide the wave

Developed for each specific user, this newfangled couch will be sold by the meter, and will incorporate the client's favorite positions of repose, uniquely sequenced into their chosen arrangement for a perfect fit. Between these specific seating formations, the landscape of the Sitscape levels out to invite new possibilities and "unexpected uses" into the lounging experience, to be discovered and explored by the client. Wow. What a couch.

the nuts and boltsthe nuts and bolts

The structural components of each section are comprised of digitally cut laminated wood pieces connected by aluminum spacers, with sturdier metal thread rods providing most of the structure's stability. Diagonal tension wires also run throughout the inner void of the sections, providing added support against torsion forces.

Several angles of reposeSeveral angles of repose

The finalized prototype is to be finished with white leather upholstery, laminated wood, and polished aluminum connections. And hopefully a lot of cushions, because the vertical planks of this wonderful seating arrangement look none too comfortable, especially if there's a lot of "exploring" going on.

Sources: hackenbroich via designboom


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Dec 31, 2007
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neat invention!

neat invention!