Sitter’s Studio, Finally Recognizing That Aspiring Artists Can Make An Economic & Creative Contribution

It's often you hear about waitresses who are really aspiring actresses; or bartenders who are really singers in disguise. Usually, these job descriptions are met with sarcasm since everyone in these professions in Los Angeles or New York only work to pay the bills until they come into their true calling. However, a new business based in New York actually recognizes their employees for their artistic talents, which become the main driving force behind their business concept.

Sitter's Studio specifically hire artistically inclined babysitters to join their ranks, with the hope of bringing an additional element to their babysitter services. Sitters are often matched with children and families who have interests specific to theirs; kids who are learning how to play a musical instrument are placed with a musically inclined babysitter; while those who have dreams of Broadway are matched with some of New York and Chicago's  best aspiring actresses. With each assignment, a babysitter appears at the doorstep with a creative kit, ready to inspire the children in her care with the arts.

Sitter's Studio offers competitive babysitting rates at $15 per hour in Chicago, and $22 in New York ($18/hr with a VIP membership) with a 4 hour minimum; not a bad price to help parents encourage their own little creative geniuses.

Via: Springwise