Sitting Too Much? Get Off Your Butt With The Varidesk®


Varidesk® ProVaridesk® ProPoor posture, bad back, stiff neck, lack of circulation in your legs.... These are just a few of the dozens of health problems that can be caused by sitting all day, especially if you're watching a screen for a good percentage of it.  You could, of course, buy a standing desk.  Or, you could look into getting one of the amazingly versatile Varidesk® designs that let you move your desk up and down as you stand or sit.  Nice to have a choice, eh?


The Varidesk® adjusts to your standing or sitting positionThe Varidesk® adjusts to your standing or sitting position

Above is the Varidesk Single.  It is called the Single because it holds one screen and one keyboard... okay, a mouse or two.... It rises up to 15 inches above the surface of your desk or table, and it provides a 30 x 23 inch work surface.  It adjusts to meet your comfort level whether you are standing or sitting so you can vary your position - just press the two handles on the sides of the desk tray and it will easily glide up or down.


Varidesk® ProVaridesk® Pro


The Varidesk Pro, above, offers enough room for a two screen work station with a 36 x 23 inch work station.


Varidesk® Pro PlusVaridesk® Pro Plus


Finally, there's the Varidesk Pro Plus, with a separate shelf for your keyboard that you can pull out when you use a separate keyboard.  I like to use a full-size keyboard when I'm online for a long time, and I'm putting the Varidesk Pro Plus on my wish list because I think it's the most ergonomic design.

I just learned about the Varidesk today in a Washington Post article!

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