SITU Is The Food Scale That Connects To Your iPad


Food scales are great products for the health and fitness minded or anyone who's thinking about losing weight or even gaining weight. They make it easy for you to know just how much you're consuming. SITU Food Scale ramps up the idea of a food scale. It gives you the nutrition content of the food you're eating as well, and it connects to your smart phone. 

SITU Food ScaleSITU Food Scale

Most food scales measure your food's weight and that's it. Want to know nutritional information? Unless you're eating pre-packaged food and can get your nutritional information from that package, you're going to have to look it up and then do the math to see how many grams of protein or carbs you're eating. Nutritional app, like My Fitness Pal, can help with this if you know how much food you're consuming, but wouldn't it be great to get all of that information from one device. This is where SITU comes in. 


SITU not only weighs your food in ounces and grams, it also gives you the food's nutritional information via app. All you do is tell the SITU app, with its drag and drop feature, what food you're weighing and voila, you have that handful of food's nutritional information. SITU also lets you calculate the weight and nutritional content of a plate of food or a layered sandwich. 

With SITU, you can also get the nutritional information of condiments, oils and spices. You will also have the ability to keep track of your food intake history, so that you can see things like your daily caloric intake or how much protein you got before your workout. This device can be a great asset for the dieter, athlete, diabetic, hypertensive or anyone else wanting to lead a healthier life. 

SITU runs on four AAA batteries, which will keep it running for about six months, on average. It can weigh up to 11 pounds of food and it connects to your smart phone or other device via Bluetooth. However, one of the drawbacks of the SITU food scale is that it's only compatible with iPads running iOS 7 or above. Another drawback is that this product hasn't yet hit the market, but you can visit the SITU website to get notified as to when you can get your own and to find out more information on this product.