Six New Bizarre Ramune Sodas Soothe Thirsts, Shock Stomachs

Ramune soda is a unique Japanese soft drink that for many natives symbolizes summer. Originated by Scottish emigrant Alexander Cameron Sim in 1876, Ramune was originally a lemon-flavored soda (note the similarity: lemonade = ramune) but has expanded its flavor profile to over two dozen. It also occasionally introduces oddball novelty flavors for a limited time, often with a nod to the season.

These six new flavors are nothing if not bizarre and they don't even include the sweet-smelling (though mainly tasteless) Cream Puff flavor yours truly purchased at a local Asian supermarket in Toronto, Canada.

Like other Ramune sodas, these use the annoying and frustrating Codd-neck bottles stopped with a glass marble - I have yet to open one of these without prompting a carbonated, champagne-like effusion of sticky, bubbly liquid all over the table and, usually, my clothing.

For the record, the flavors are (clockwise from upper left) La Yu (hot chili oil), Takoyaki (octopus balls), Osaka-style Eggplant, Kimchi, Curry, and Onion.

For those unaware, Takoyaki are ball-shaped traditional street snacks made from chopped octopus and egg batter topped with green onions and mayonnaise - usually delicious but maybe not so much in the form of a soda.

These bizarre summer novelty Ramune sodas cost 126 yen (about $1.45) per bottle, and there's no telling if variety 6-packs in the style of Jones Soda's holiday and sports related offerings will be available. (via Walker Plus, bottle image via Me So Hungry)