Size Matters...10 Gigantic Ads that Grab Attention

4. London Ink - Tattoo Show

This giant sculpture of a person was used to display a tattoo and promote the new show. Making people look at a huge body forces them to pat attention to the huge tattoo signs on their bodies.

Source: Ads of the World

5. Toys R Us

This ad for an inflatable globe as part of the inflatable beach toy collection, the regular ad space of an advertising column was extended to the whole planet.

Source: Ads of the World


6. One Big Paint Job

This ad for an insurance company reads: Life Comes At You Fast. That fact is perfectly demonstrated by a huge can of paint and a huge paint spill. Notice the eye-catching element of the paint looking like it actually spilled over a series of parked cars.

Source: billboardom

Oct 8, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Double take

Fed Ex Kinkos wins it for me - if I saw one of these outsize products I'd know it was not real but it would still intrigue me - as seems to have happened with the passers-by in the photos - makes the product memorable and the name of the manufacturer sticks - unlike in the others that are 'stunts' - fine but they don't make you remember what the name was or what the purpose of it was.

Oct 8, 2007
by Lalla Mira (not verified)

Fed Ex for sure

I think it's a perfect idea to use oversized ads. Fed Ex are a perfect example of how this kind of advertivising can grab people's attention, and have them actualy stop, discover that the buzz is all about and even take pictures of the huge items. THAT is an effective strategy.

Oct 23, 2007
by mipovia (not verified)

Very nice, I like ads, and

Very nice, I like ads, and advertising is always creative.. I like almost all of them. The last one is hilarious!