Skate Deck iPhone 4 Cover Makes Making Calls a Snap

So you snapped your deck riding mongo and doing a slide on a handrail... who ya gonna call? A better question might be HOW you're gonna call, and Strapya Taobao has the answer: the Skate Deck iPhone 4 cover from Candies!

This rad iPhone 4 cover is made from silicone rubber to protect your smartphone from the daily bumps and grinds of a boarder's life, while looking rad all the while.  The cover was made to fit snugly but still provide easy access to all the iPhone 4's functions.

The front leaves the screen and power button exposed while the back features a rounded rectangular port for the iPhone 4's camera lens. All side access , ingress and egress ports remain exposed for your convenience.

The back also sports a silicone rubber faux truck with two wheels. Not only does this add to the “broken board” look, it also allows users to set down their iPhone 4 and have it propped up at a pleasing angle. Impressive, dude!

The Skate Deck iPhone 4 Cover from Candies measures 16 × 6.2 × 4.5cm (roughly 6.4 by 2.5 by 1.8 inches) and comes in your choice of brown, black, red and blue. The truck is matte gray while the wheels are white with colorful highlights.

Strapya Taobao is selling these rad iPhone 4 covers online at their website for 252.85 yuan or around $39.95 each, with international shipping via EMS costing an additional 30 yuan (about $4.75).

Feb 7, 2012
by Anonymous

Cool! Whoever thought of

Cool! Whoever thought of making a skate deck for iphone rocks!

Jun 2, 2012
by Anonymous

longboard decks

This is simply amazing. I am a skateboard fanatic and now I can get a cover in the shape of a skateboard for my iphone. It could not get any better then this. Thanks for sharing.