Like Skateboarding? Try Free Riding With Brooklyn Workshop's Skatecycle

Hubless SkateboardHubless Skateboard

If you like skateboarding, rollerblading or riding on your RipStik, you should try Brooklyn Workshop's Skatecycle. Skatecycle looks intimidating to ride, but if you can ride a skateboard or caster board, you can get the hang of Skatecycle.

Brooklyn Workshop SkatecycleBrooklyn Workshop Skatecycle

Skatecycle is a hubless, self-propelled skate. It's design, being hinged at each of the wheels, allows for deep carving you wouldn't normally get on a regular board. The hinges also allow you to fold it up and carry it over your shoulder. Weighing only 7 pounds, it's not a heavy load either. The 9 inch wheels on the Skatecycle make it easy to traverse rough terrain as well, and as I mentioned, it's not that hard to get the hang of riding it, especially if you're good with a snowboard or skateboard. 


Skatecycle is ideal for anyone into wheeled sports and activities. It is also great for the kids. At $150, it is comparable in price to a RipStik. In picking up a Skatecycle, you'll also be picking up a piece of history, as it has a permanent place in the Henry Ford Museum. 

Find out more information on the Skatecycle or order one today at Amazon.

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