Skeletons In The Headlights: For Biker Safety?

Bicycle riders are kicked around a lot by auto traffic. Face it; drivers hate them. Bicycle riders pop up out of nowhere and then get in your way when you're making a turn or going around a curve. And at night, forget it! Those little reflective lights on the backs of bikes are hardly enough to make them visible.

It's dangerous out there for bicyclists, also known as bikers in communities where Hell's Angels have not arrived. Suck UK has just contributed its safety product for them in the form of reflective skeletons, one nearly the size of a human head!

The Reflective Biker Stickers package contains three skeleton heads, one large for the back of your black leather jacket (whoops, I meant your black hoodie sweatshirt), and the other two for your wheel frame or tire, or somewhere on the sides of your bike.

To me, the question is what these stickers do to a driver, coming home at night after a long day or a few drinks, on a dark back road, and suddenly all he sees are bright white skeleton heads bobbing up and down in front of his car....

But, no doubt, the Suck UK Reflective Biker Stickers are hip! And goodness knows bicyclists can use more of that!

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