Ski Goggles Get Android Apps. WTF!

Well, here's an example of technology going just a little too far, too fast. If you weren't afraid of ski slopes before, you will be thanks to these app-loaded ski goggles from Recon Instruments. That's right Android apps right up in your pupils! That should make skiing so much more fun.


If you're not familiar with Recon, the company came out with a goggle display last year, which Zeal installed into its Transcend goggles. That model delivers GPS information such as location, speed and distance, and like this new device, is right inside the goggle so that you have instant access while you're skiing. 

So this new set of goggles adds Google's Android platform. And you'll be able to view not only speed, location, runs and vertical, but also things like maps and buddy tracking. And since the new system is based on Android, it will be open to third-party apps. It will also sync with your Android phone to show you texts, missed calls and music playlists. Just what the slopes need--a bunch of self-absorbed jackbags texting and calling with their eyeballs. Genius! 

The new Recon tech will be available in a standalone package that will fit into various "Recon-Ready" goggles from manufacturers including Uvex, Alpina and Briko. 

 There's no release date or price on these just yet, but I'm guessing by next fall and way more money than you should spend to run into a tree. For reference, the Zeal Transcends retail for $400 or $500 depending upon lens. 

Gizmodo via Dvice