Ski Jump Toilet is the World's First Sport-A-Potty


Move over Scotland, Japan now features the world's scariest toilets. Designed by Tugboat Agency for Georgia Max Coffee, stalls at a number of high-end Japanese ski resorts feature wrapped graphics that give the user the illusion he or she is sitting (yes, "sitting") at the top of a regulation ski jump!



If the wall graphics induce vertigo, looking down won't help - the floor displays a pair of skis just where your feet normally rest when you park your posterior, adding to the illusion. As for ad messaging, you'll find it on the back wall and on the toilet paper dispenser, which reads "Seriously kick-ass intensely sweet for the real coffee super zinging unstoppable Max! Taste-explosion!"



Using the words "kick-ass", "unstoppable" and "explosion" in a bathroom setting might be belaboring the point a little but Georgia Max (owned by Coca-Cola Japan) is not playing the subtle card here. Visit the company website and you'll find a variety of extreme sports videos that link Georgia Max to an exciting, action-packed lifestyle. (via Toxcel)