The Skiing Fan Boat

Lately we've been seeing all kinds of ways to bring skiing and snowboarding to flat, mountain-less terrain. Take the Skizee and Amish buggy skiing as examples.  If this keeps up, the future of skiing may be in the plains and frozen tundra as opposed to the mountains.

The latest flat-land skiing contraption comes to us from Russia. Designed by Sergei Khvalin, it's a DIY back-fan that's made from a 200cc lawn mower engine. The massive fan provides skiers up to 25 mph worth of powder-cutting momentum. The fan is controlled by a hand starter.

That momentum is slowed down by the fact that this bulky garage-hack weighs 34 lbs. As such, Khvalin describes it as a good workout device. 

It doesn't look quite as fun as the Skizee, but it looks a helluva lot better than shoveling or making snow angels. Check it, but don't try it at home: 

Via Dvice